Welcome to the CUMBRIA AIRSOFT homepage.
We Specialise in  Combat Games for the public & enthusiasts using  Airsoft weapons which fire harmless 6mm plastc pellets.

Our Combat games can range from small team Skirmishes  lasting 15 min  up to Full day long  Mil Sim ( millitary simulation )
 games which are Scenario based and run untill the mission is complete, howerver long that may be.

For those new to this passtime, we have a number of rental guns for hire. please see our Armoury to view them. You may bring
your own guns, subject to power regulations.

The game site is situated on a former  MOD Munitions factory site, near Annan, South West  Scotland.  This location provides  
Woodland,  open ground  Brick Bunkers & buildings, with the addition of some home built forts & a small  Vietnam style Village
complete with prisoner cage & watchtower.
For  extensive picures of the site, please visit our YAHOO group.

Game Organizer -- Nick Kennon Marshall - Nic ( Ginger ) Hayton